Dune2000 a classic retro game

Dune2000 was published in 1998 by Westwood Studios, it was my first true online gaming experience an boy I was an addict. Dune 2000 was the successor of Dune, a game inspired my the Dune movies. Westwood studios is long gone and taken over by EA games.

So that was 1998, why would you write about that game you old fart! Well because I can and this blog is about games I like, sorry.

I wish I saved screenshots because I was pretty good at it and could compete in the top 20 /brag. I soon realised if I wanted to rank the top 10 I needed to play this game 16 hours a day. Even back then I thought this was probably not the best idea but it was tempting.

So this was my first strategy game and I loved it. The graphics were amazing and the Artreidis was favorite house. I may have skipped some exams because of this game and continued playing for 2 years. Eventually I moved on, I believe Baldurs Gate was my next addiction.

The dawn of online gaming

These were simpler times, the gaming industry was still smaller than Hollywood and online multiplayer was just introduced. I’ve just gotten my first broadband connection and the internet was pretty basic back then. Things have changed for the better but I still get pretty nostalgic when I think of playing this game.

Online virgin

My first time online, I remember quite vividly losing my online gaming virginity. I entered the main lobby and was trying to figure out how to find an opponent. I  joined a 2vs2 game and had some trouble finding out how to start the game. The chat was confusing, “NO HH and NO engi’s!”. The no engineers part I got but “NO HH” didn’t really ring a bell. I found out later it meant no harvester hunting, don’t kill the machines that bring in the spice. The engineers were a bit overpowered as they could take out your main building pretty easily. So I decided to follow the rules.

My heart rate went up when the game started, as I only played single player skirmishes I just did what I always do. I laid a foundation of concrete and put my building on top.

“Oh my god, a concreter” said the chat. I didn’t really know what it meant but I had a feeling it was aimed at me. So yeah, I was a noob and didn’t realise using concrete would mean you lose. In hindsight I understood that this wasn’t a good strategy when you want to rush the game, I was used to playing against AI. Lesson learned!

Bad tactics, slowly learning

Many mistakes I made, building defense turrets and raising walls, such a waste of time. I started playing more and moved on to 1vs matches and learned quickly, I even joined a clan at some point. Communication was done with ICQ (ohoooh!) and MSN messenger wasn’t a thing.

After a while I learned the tricks and how to counteract specific strategies. Many lessons I learned from the clan I joined this also thought which players to avoid. Even back then competition was nasty, people would “cheat” if they were losing, although the rules of engagement were clear, some would break them. I remember one game with a guy called Vipervee, it was a tough game but he decided to use an engineer to steal my main building. I returned the favor and it ended in one harvester vs 3 troopers. The game lasted for a few hours but in the end I was able to crush his troopers using my last standing harvester.

People used to pull their UTP cables out (ethernet cable) to cause lag and hope someone would give up, oh fun times indeed. Lots of hate in the chat and lobby so I guess some things never change. To be fair, there were many friendly players.

It’s still out there!

Anyway, I’m thinking of installing this game again. There’s supposed to be a HD mod somewhere which allow you to play in higher resolutions. I tried virtual machines but 800×600 didn’t work for me. Maybe on a rainy day I’ll try again, the spice must flow!




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