Nice to meet you!

Hi, I’m William Laer, nice to meet you. Born in the early 80’s, dad, gamer and designer in real life.

I love mountain biking (on sunny days), like reading books (like the recent ‘The Expanse’ series) and my wife thinks I’m a nerd. That’s probably because I love to watch reruns of Star Trek TNG, can’t blame her.


This site is dedicated to video games for all platforms, mainly about games I like to play or used to. I wish to share my gaming experiences with anyone who’s interested. I’m no journalist, just another blogger.

I play on platforms like PC, Nintendo, PS4, Xbox and also love classic games. I’m a huge Minecraft fan, love following next generation games like Star Citizen but still play classics like Dune2000 whenever I get a chance.

Before I forget, English isn’t my first language so don’t hesitate to correct me when I make mistakes!

Why I created this blog

I mainly created this blog because I love games. I started playing games at the age of 6, Atari, Commodore 64, MSX and weird consoles I don’t remember the name of anymore. The old days of gaming we’re quite different. Remember those audio cassettes you had to insert? You start loading the game and wait for eternity just to get a loading error, argh! 

When the 8-bit Nintendo hit the market I thought it was magic, the games were great and I played as much as I possible could. I didn’t own a Nintendo but fortunately my friends did. My parents considered it a waste of time or it was just too expensive. I continued playing its successor and my passion just started growing.

Not long after that my dad bought a personal computer, it had a screen screen and I the only thing I wanted to know if it could run games. Exchanging floppy discs on the schoolyard was the next step, I think I got a virus from that once named Yankee Doodle. I remember most of the games but can’t really put a name on them, Paratrooper is one that comes to mind. Oh and remember the Goonies, that game was awesome! Or Konami’s Nemesis (aka Gradius), Galaga… but I’m rambling.

I just want to write about games I played growing up and modern games I play now. I plan to write short blog posts and dive deeper into games when I have the time. I’m not much of a Youtuber, so don’t expect met to create video’s.